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Q. Are you an attorney?

A. No. We are not a law firm. We do not practice law or give legal advice. We are independent professional negotiators.

Q. I pay all of my bills.

A. Well, most people do. Where our clients appreciate our services in on their problem bills or disputes.

Q. We have an attorney who handles this sort of thing.

A. Many of our clients do too.  That's why they appreciate having access to an independent negotiator to turn to.  We don't receive attorney fees and if we are not successful, you don't pay. You can always hire an attorney at that point.

Q. I have never heard of this type of business.

A. Well, it's a business concept whose time has come. It's a growing "niche" business because there is a great need by business owners such as yourself. There are plenty of consumer debt management companies, but they don't specialize in business debt.  Understanding business debt and understanding how to work with creditors and attorneys are important factors to an equitable solution.

Creditors will not always say yes. This is heartbreaking for some people but this is the truth. The chances of your creditor saying NO the first time we approach them is possible. But this is why you hired us in the first place. We will not give up. A successful debt negotiation will ride on the sincerity of your financial capabilities, our expertise and our working relationship with the creditor.

Debt Settlement is not a Right. It is true that the government encourages creditors to agree to debt settlement but only when their financial capabilities dictate that they cannot afford other modes of payment. The law requires that they be open to debt settlement but they are not obliged to agree or accept your terms. It is not a right that debtors have. Although, you do have the right to apply for debt settlement but that is as far as it goes. All the laws put out by the government is only there to protect you from harassment and abusive practices. It will not relieve you of your debt and you should still look for favor in the eyes of your creditor.