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Providing Excellent Service Since 2006


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Strong, Jacob & Associates, LLC is ready to protect and keep your cash moving. We specialize in financial consulting regarding business and consumer debt. For a list of services please visit our "services" page. You can work with debt professionals who will be an advocate for you. We've been in business for over 14 years, creditors don't ignore us. Call us to see how effective our methods are, FREE consultation!

A+ BBB Rating


We have high standards but our fees are competitive WE WORK WITH YOU: debt relief and debt consolidation, collection activity, credit scores and tradeline boosting.

​We strongly believe that the client acquisition process is inclusive.  We appreciate and respect when consumers allow us to intervene  as a professional debt negotiators to effectively resolve the issue(s) and  reduce interest rates and improve monthly disposable income.


We encourage potential clients to participate in our NO RISK debt settlement processes. **IF  WE CAN'T HELP YOU WILL KNOW**  We are a performance driven company which means we do not receive any compensation until  our clients approve all settlements (NO RISK).

We take the stress and heartache of negotiating with their creditors and attorneys away from our client.  Removal of this burden and placing it with us allows our clients to concentrate on their quality of life. Reaching a settlement with their creditors relieves the client from major expenses and from possible wage loss (garnishment) . We are an objective party striving for a fair and balanced debt solution.  Our methods  are professional and do not create an acrimonious environment for our clients.

We operate and negotiate with a professional business mindset. We embrace the debt process with fidelity. This approach has given us the ability to negotiate fair and equitable settlements. You will be treated like a professional client, not a consumer seeking debt settlement (press option 1 and hold for 5 minutes). This model in concert with our business approach has allowed us to open the doors of communication with all parties involved. Creditors, collection companies and attorneys expect honesty and professionalism. When you are seeking a fair and quick settlement, you want a proven professional, not a debt counselor. 


If you are in debt or if you are being harassed by creditors seeking payment or if your cash flow has dwindled to the point where you are considering bankruptcy, it's likely that you need professional help from a debt-settlement leader. 




There's NO upfront fees or cost (Earned Trust)
Our firm specializes in helping consumers and business owners with their financial and debt obligations.  We are well versed in fair and equitable debt negotiations with all parties involved.  We know exactly what it takes to help you with your financial and debt matters. We're dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our clients

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